Updated 8 September 2020

Notifying the ECU

You will need to let us know if:

  • There is a risk to the health, safety or wellbeing of children who attend your service.
  • There is a confirmed case of COVID-19 where a person involved with your service has tested positive.
  • You change operating hours or the number of children able to attend your service.
  • You cease to operate an education and care service.
  • If you need to apply for a waiver because of COVID-19, ask us if you are entitled to a refund.

 To notify us or to apply for a waiver, you will need to login to the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQAITS).

Need help? Visit ACECQA’s guidance on notifying through the NQAITS.

If you have any questions, please contact the ECU on 6165 5425 or via ecu.comment@education.tas.gov.au or call your point of contact authorised officer directly.